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7 free online creative writing courses you can enroll in right now

As a form of expression, a way to escape reality, and a way to communicate a larger ideology, the act of writing can serve a variety of purposes. And whatever your reason for writing pen or screen keys, these virtual lessons could help you develop the skills you’ll need on your creative journey. Find out here all the free online courses you can register to get started right now.

Specialization in creative writing

Offered by Wesleyan University

Covering three broad genres of creative writing – short story, narrative essay, and dissertation – the course will help you master the techniques for putting your ideas on paper as clearly as possible. So if you’ve been intending to work some compelling features into your already existing plot, or to highlight the setting of your story better, or just articulate in a stronger way, let this lesson be on your list. If you are just starting out, the course is just as rewarding.

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Write your first novel

Offered by Michigan State University

Have you wanted to write down your thoughts and weave them into a well-written novel? Take this virtual course where you will learn an end-to-end approach to producing a work of fiction. Through a step-by-step process that will culminate in your individual production of a 50,000 word book, the learning course will provide you with all the important tips from the start.

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Writing for young readers: opening the treasure chest

Offered by Commonwealth Education Trust

Complete with video lectures, online readings, peer reviews, and appearances by renowned authors, the course will offer a comprehensive guide to creative writing for students and young aspirants. Apart from this, you will also explore the cultural significance of notable works, analyze how art and words interact, and learn about standard elements of a story including dialogue, point of view, theme. , the plot, etc.

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Write a feature film script for cinema or television

Offered by Michigan State University

Whether your focus is serious dramas, romantic comedies, or thrillers, the free virtual course will zoom in on all aspects of screenwriting so you can pursue whatever genre you want. Following a well-structured process, you will have produced a ready-to-use script by the end of the four week program. In addition to learning how to create a basic idea and write loglines, you’ll study the three-act story arc and more.

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