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Double win for Dover students in Rotary writing contest

Sophia and Jessica

Subject to the Dover Express

Two Year 7 students from Dover Grammar School for Girls have won prizes in the Rotary Club of Canterbury writing competition.

Sophie and Jessica took part in ‘Dear Future Self’, a competition designed to encourage high school students to think about how life might change in the future.

The challenge was to write a message to their “future selves” that is meant to be delivered and read 25 years from now. Entry topics had to relate to a job, profession or business.

The competition was overseen by the Rotary Club’s Professional Committee with generous prizes donated by local businesses and individuals.

Sophie took first place with an article about her future scientific career and received a huge cash prize of £250.

In her letter, she writes:

“The one thing I have to tell you the most is to grab any opportunity with both hands, experience it, do it for the girls who have fought as hard as you but haven’t still not the same chances.”

Jessica wrote about climate change and her hopes of becoming a marine biologist, earning her a well-deserved third place and £50 cash prize.

She wrote:

“My hope for the future, and the world my future self will live in, is that climate change doesn’t have too much of a dramatic effect on the Earth.

“Even though humans are the cause of this disaster, I strongly believe that we can fix it. It may seem like a very big challenge, but I and many others believe it is possible.

The principal, Mr. Benson, congratulated the two girls on their excellent letters. He said:

“We at DGGS are proud to empower the next generation in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects and hope they can both achieve their future endeavours.”

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