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Mack Wilowski


Mack recently joined Dotdash Meredith as Associate Finance Editor, joining Investopedia’s Earned Media team. Specifically, it focuses on updates to Investopedia’s Term of the Day and Investor Anxiety Index, the New York City Recovery Index, and the Weekly Markets Briefing.” What to expect”. Mack is thrilled and honored to be a new member of the Investopedia editorial team and looks forward to publishing valuable, informative and engaging content for readers.


Mack was previously involved in a writing and editing role as a university student, where he wrote for Seton Hall University’s business school newspaper, the Stillman Exchange. Throughout his three years on the Exchange, Mack served as the official National News section editor and regularly contributed to various sections, including Money and Investing, International Business, National News, International News and Stillman Spotlight. His team of student writers typically consisted of 4-6 people, where he worked individually with each writer to assign article topics, writing suggestions, and grammatical advice. This position was instrumental in developing his skills as a writer and editor, and channeling that experience into a professional role.


Mack graduated from Seton Hall University in 2020, where he earned a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Business Administration, with a double major in Economics and Finance and a minor in Diplomacy and International Relations.