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Melissa Lucio wins backing from 20 state senators writing to seek reprieve and clemency in execution

Momentum builds to save Melissa Lucio from execution.

On April 27, the South Texas woman convicted of the 2007 murder of her 2-year-old daughter Mariah is set to die by lethal injection. But defenders say her daughter died after an accidental fall down the stairs. They argue that Mariah’s death was a tragedy, a tragedy that Lucio should not have to pay with his own life.

Eighty-three state officials recently wrote to the Texas Board of Pardons and Pardons asking that Lucio be granted a reprieve or clemency. Today, more than half of the state senate joins the movement.

In a letter Wednesday, 20 Texas senators called on the board to end a “miscarriage of justice” that could help erode public confidence in the state’s legal system. Many legal experts are questioning Lucio’s guilt, and his case has sparked renewed interest thanks to a Hulu documentary.

Led by Brownsville State Senator Eddie Lucio Jr., who is not related to Melissa Lucio, lawmakers have insisted that the death penalty will not result in a court case for Mariah.

“Instead, it will cause more suffering for her siblings, grandmother, father, aunts and uncles, who lost Mariah 14 years ago and are desperate not to lose another family member,” the letter read. “A commutation, or at least a reprieve, would prevent further damage to a family that has already experienced tremendous hardship.”

The state must be careful never to execute an innocent person, the letter says. Although eyewitness accounts indicate that Mariah fell, no account indicates that Lucio committed murder.

“Mrs. Lucio’s case is one that even proponents of the death penalty sober,” the letter continues. from the University of Texas – found that the jury heard false evidence about whether Mariah had been abused.”

Some North Texas lawmakers joined Lucio in signing the letter, including Republican Muenster State Senator Drew Springer and Dallas Democrats Royce West and Nathan Johnson.

The bipartisanship was also present in a separate letter signed by 83 state officials last month.

Republican State Rep. Jeff Leach of Plano, who helped lead the lower house’s efforts, said in an interview with WFAA that lawmakers will continue. “The performance date of April 27 is still set,” Leach said, “and until the pause button is pressed and it is removed from the schedule, we are not going to let up. and we will not rest.”