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Students learn the art of creative writing with a stellar faculty and new undergraduate degrees

In a 2019 interview, Scott Simon of National Public Radio asked Chanelle Benz G’12 a pointed and timely question about her debut novel, “The Gone Dead,” in which the title character returns to the Mississippi Delta cabin her father owned in the 1970s. There she confronts the mystery of her father’s death and struggles against […]

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A shared style of writing

From Jane Austen to James Patterson, each author has their own way of writing. And this writing is often discussed in terms of “style”. Essentially, style refers to “how” something is written – it is more about form than content. So when, for example, someone remarks that they “liked the story” but “didn’t like the […]

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Free online content writing courses in 2021

[ad_1] Creative writing is probably one of the most in-demand soft skills. In today’s world, quality content is required in various industries such as literature, business promotion, e-commerce, technical websites, digital marketing, etc. Content writing is an on-demand skill for both full-time jobs and outsourcing platforms. People, who have a natural frenzy of writing, can […]

Writing materials

Connecting Reading to Writing – Language Magazine

Every semester, as I prepare for my classes, I ponder the same questions: Why does our academic English as a Second Language (ESL) program require so many reading and writing lessons before students can enter transfer level English course? As teachers of reading, why are we forced to choose from textbooks that often seem to […]