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TopCity Flavorista Combines Gourmet Food With Its Social Media Business

TOPEKA (KSNT) — TopCity Flavorista, Alison Beebe likes to eat well and mingle with close friends and business associates.

Monday night, Alison and 16 business acquaintances met at Luis’ Place, 435 S Kansas Ave. to socialize, network and enjoy the gourmet dinner provided by Luis.

“I’m TopCity Flavorista,” Beebe said. “It started because I love supporting local businesses and it snowballed into starting my own business. I promote local businesses on my Facebook page and manage social media for small businesses.

“I was thrilled when Visit Topeka asked me to help moderate their Topeka Restaurant Facebook page in 2017,” Beebe said. “That led to me writing for seveneightfive magazine and becoming a regular on The Danielle Norwood radio show. The editor of seveneightfive magazine called me the ‘flavorista’ because I took pictures to every mom and pop I visited. When I became the sole admin of the restaurant page, Topcityflavorista was born.

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