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📚 Write on it! The writing games of the Labor weekend indoor picnic!

Reasons may involve circumstances, Shares, events, characters Where objects, often abstractions or thematic patterns, the exact secondary and variable details. So a hero outwitting giants can be the same whether the hero is a god/superhuman, a princess, a young wanderer, an old soldier, or the three gruff goats; and the giant a father, a storm, a ruler, a society or, in turn, a god/superhuman. A purse of gold as a result can sometimes as easily be a never-empty jug of milk, a plant offering eternal life to all who nurture it, the power of self-determination for the entire community, a desperately needed escape, or a small goat whose bleating brings up a table laden with feasting to the melancholy (but still attractive), abused half-sister.

Once patterns are identified, it becomes clearer whether an object, creature, event, or person illustrated the story Where In place is the actual subject of the story: a given person, creature or object may just be a creative illustration, for example, when a goat could just as easily be a fish, a rooster or a unicorn; a magic lamp as easily as a god, mountain, wealth, or alternate universe. But, other times, the image is particular, conveying a specific meaning, and playing a unique role. not incarnable by something else….

h/t twrader — 2016

Wik’s Labor Day History understand

Labor Day in Canada is also celebrated on the first Monday of September [but more] more than 80 countries around the world celebrate international workers day on May 1coinciding with the ancient European holiday of Helpa festival marking the beginning of summer…

Festivities can take place the day before, such as may eve. TRADITIONS may include picking wildflowers and green branches for garlandscrowning a may queen (sometimes with a male companion), dancing around a MaypoleMay Tree, May Bush or fire [stoked with the filthy, bug-infested replaceable indoor furnishings from winter?].

Related traditions include walpurgis night in central and northern Europe, the Gaelic festival Beltainethe Welsh festival Calan May, May Devotions to the Blessed Virgin Mary and possibly the ancient roman festival Floralia.

In 1889, May 1 was chosen by the Second International as international workers day to commemorate the Chicago Haymarket Square Massacre and the battle for an eight-hour working day. Thus, it is also called “May Day”, although the two are not related [except in community terms; also unrelated: Mayday or m’aidez, a distress signal … or is it?]

On to the games! How to play:

PLEASE be sure to block quotes for game comments so that other players can distinguish them from remark type comments. Thanks!

Any genre of fiction or non-fiction can play! No one is in a hurry, but everyone can if they wish.

EGG-SPOON RACE, once per player:

In a comment in the left margin BLOCK QUOTE 2 words/phrases you like in the diary.


Look for the 2 bulk quoted words or phrases from someone else and respond to that comment with a BLUGGED QUOTE OF YOUR OWN consisting of a paragraph or 2 – 3 at most – of fictional incident/action or non -fiction, observation, dialogue, narrative or other, using these 2 elements that they quoted en bloc….


Look for someone else’s block-quoted paragraphs and respond to theirs with a block-quoted sequel by you, starting where their story left off!


RESET on the sack race or the three-legged race, as many times as you want!


#1. It’s not fair to respond to your own comment other than once at Egg-spoon race.

#2. Limitation of follow-up changes: only one major element per comment.

You do not have haftah Craft any – you box to advance the story/the narrative/as if In place. But if there’s, say, a character or resource you want to add or complete, that’s a major item – that’s your one big deal in this comment. Then see Rool #1.

If you change a major element, write it in such a way that it Is grow organically from where the previous writer left off. (If this is part of a long sub-thread, watch back that sub-thread for more on the shared story to keep your sequel going).

It doesn’t take a writer to subvert existing material – people do it all the time, just to be smart or mean. But it takes a writer to advance, increase, redirect, develop…in the same way as to create. Be writers!

For those who do it in fictional form, what characters, you ask?

Since these games tend to go wild, let’s leave our characters WIP overnight, as we wouldn’t want them knocked down in such tough sports. Do not hesitate to invent some for the evening, or to borrow the traditional insinuations in the text of the newspaper, or to use some classical literature school or the history, or the course, of our NopeTowogmagog Standard Genre Characters (2nd colorbox on this link).
Have a nice week end
h/t rfrog

Let the games begin! 🙂

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