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4 reasons why you are so slow to write essays – Guide 2022

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You can’t spend all your college years in a corner of the library or locked in your room writing essays. You will miss the most exciting personal and social experiences you should have during your studies. To permit writingservice.com professional services to help you with your missions so you can spend more time with friends and on more meaningful personal engagements.

Regardless of the topic, you must complete an essay within a reasonable time. While some students are fast and some are slow, taking too long means your body and mind won’t relax enough to tackle other tasks. You also miss deadlines and fail to meet other responsibilities. Always strive to complete an essay as quickly as possible.

But why are you so slow and can you do anything about it? Here are the reasons why you might be slow in writing your essay and some of the remedies you can try to up your pace.

1. You don’t have a plan

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You started writing your essay immediately after it was published without any plan. Essays are academic commitments that require detailed planning. Like any other activity, planning will make it easier, faster, and better.

Planning an academic paper takes three perspectives.

Completing the trial will take time. You will also need some quality time to complete the essay. In addition, you have a submission deadline to meet. Your time plan will therefore determine the type of essay writing experience you will have.

Identify the best time to write your essay. Review your journal and set aside a few hours for literature review, writing, and editing, among other writing items. You allocate time based on the urgency of the document and the intensity of the work required to complete the document. Spend enough time and quality on writing the document so that you can finish it on time.

What resources do you need to complete your trial? Resources include reference materials such as books, journals, and academic articles. At the same time, you may need to collect data or conduct experiments.

Gather all of these resources before you start working on the paper. If you need to consult or discuss the assignment with peers, let them know and plan accordingly. Such plans give you a flawless writing experience.

Plan the internal structure of your essay. Identify the material or points you need for your introduction, body, and conclusion. Use a plan to help you plan the test. You should also identify the materials you will need to support each point that goes into your essay.

Planning also includes setting milestones towards completing your document. With deadlines to meet, you will work faster and count the time spent on each section. You can predict if the essay will be completed before the set deadline.

2. You haven’t gathered all the resources you need

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An academic exercise like writing an essay requires the best reference materials. They range from books to academic articles and journals. Gather enough material before you write the first word on your paper.

The idea is to allow you to sit and work for long hours without distraction. You waste a lot of time searching the internet or walking to shelves on another floor to look for books. Gather these materials on your desk and then start working on your paper. This will help you focus more on writing, which will increase the speed of completing the process.

It’s not always possible to collect all the materials because you discover more as you read. You will also find a lack of information when working on different sections. However, quickly know where to get these reference materials to reduce the time it takes to find other materials.

Another trick is to divide the paper into sections. Take on one idea at a time so you can exhaust resources like books before looking for more. These sections are also easier to fill before fatigue sets in. It’s also motivating to see progress as you complete sections of the document.

3. You are distracted

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Can you sit for two or three hours without talking to anyone, looking at your phone, or watching TV? Such a level of concentration increases your writing speed. It also results in more interesting and insightful ideas.

Eliminate all distractions that could slow you down. They include television, messaging apps, unwanted conversations, and environmental noise. Invest in noise canceling headphones and a quiet homework station. Other users in the room must also respect your request for silence.

Some distractions come from the head. You might be scheduled for a trip or a game, but decide to sit down and write your article. Your mind will be elsewhere as you type on your computer. Pick a time when your mind can focus on the task at hand. You will write faster.

4. You don’t understand the instructions

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Do you understand what you are supposed to do? Is the subject clear? Do you know formatting?

Don’t start working on a task until you’re sure what’s expected. You will waste time fumbling and making mistakes because the instructions are not clear. Consult your tutor, chat with friends, or look for credible examples to guide you. You risk wasting all your time and ending up with the wrong paper that gets you a bad grade.

Diagnose the cause of your slowness and correct it before it causes you to submit an article late. Get help from your tutor or other people around you to increase your speed. You will enjoy higher writing speed when you have a short time to submit the document.