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Bombay High Court Judge unable to complete writing order before retirement; the case will be re-examined by a new judge

Therefore, the case will have to be heard by a new judge as Judge Bhadang is due to step down on November 4, Friday.

Justice Bhadang had, on October 11, reserved its verdict on the appeal filed by Khan after hearing the case at length.

He had then planned the same thing for the pronouncement of the judgment today.

Today the judge informed the lawyer that he has not been able to complete the judgment as he has been busy with paperwork and other duties.

“Despite all efforts and as the case was heard at length and the file comprises several volumes, it was not possible to prepare / finalize the judgment, with only one day at my disposal”, the judge listed in the order.

He therefore apologized to all parties.

“Unfortunately I am unable to complete the judging. I did my best until last night as well. But unfortunately there were vacations, then administrative work, and I had other assignments and I only have one day left. I’m going to have to list it as not heard. I understand the apprehension of the parties and that a lot of time and effort has gone into this. I would have loved to decide this case of anyway. Unfortunately, this came at the end of my career. I will list this as unheard and then it will come for the hearing after the holidays” said the judge.