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Get 50% off the Digi Pen for writing and drawing on screens

Prices and availability of offers may change after posting.

TL; DR: As of June 5, the Digi Pen for iPads and tablets is on sale for $39.99, which is 59% off its regular price of $99.95.

Despite its best efforts, the tablet will never be as simple and transparent to use as a sheet of paper and a pen. But there are definitely tools you can use to improve the process of writing and drawing on screens. The Digi Pen, for example, is designed to give you that real-world pen-on-paper feel — and it’s on sale for just $39.99.

Introduced earlier this year, the Digi Pen is a stylus designed to make writing, drawing, doodling and editing on iPads and other tablets more enjoyable. It has a 1.2mm fine tip, which has high sensitivity and pixel precision. You can tilt it at different angles to adjust the thickness and depth of the line, just like a real pencil. Replace your chubby fingers with this sleek pen and perform all the precise lines and selective edits you’ve failed before. Game changer.

No gloves or additional accessories are needed to use the Digi Pen. It’s equipped with palm-rejection technology and magnetic absorption, so it writes on screens as smooth as paper without lag or skipping from your hands. It is made of aluminum alloy, designed to be as stylish and comfortable to hold as a normal pen or pencil. A quick double click turns it on and off and a brief one hour charge gives you up to 20 hours of design time. There are even built-in LEDs to alert you of its power status.

If you’re a designer, artist, editor, writer, gamer, or just a casual tablet user looking for a little more precision, the Digi Pen could be a great addition to your digital arsenal. And at just $39.99 (reg. $99.95), its price blows the Apple Pencil out of the water. That’s 59% savings for a limited time.

Prices subject to change.

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