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“How my 24-year-old granddaughter died after writing her will”

Alhaji Musa Rabo Danhassan is the grandfather of Sekinat Muhammad Dalhat, a corps member who died while traveling to Katsina State on the second day of Sallah. In this interview, Alhaji Musa described his granddaughter as calm and gentle, adding that her death was shocking, especially since she left a note on how to share the little things that belong to her, as if she had a premonition of what awaited him on the way.

HHow would you describe your granddaughter?

Sekinat Muhammad Dalhat was a 24-year-old youth corps member in Katsina State. She was due to pass out in June 2022.

She completed her first degree in Chemistry (Education) at the Federal University of Kashere in Gombe State. Her parents live in Ungwar Dosa in Kaduna State.

Since she was assigned to serve in Katsina, she has been living with me. She traveled to Kaduna as the month of Ramadan drew to a close to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr with her parents after spending several months here in Katsina.

As she neared fainting, she felt that spending Sallah’s vacation in Kaduna would be the last of her visit there while she was serving, but Allah arranged for it to be her last in this world.

When did she leave Kaduna?

She left Kaduna for Katsina on Tuesday May 3 after receiving a text message from a colleague that they would hold their monthly clearance on May 4.

Do you know how Sekina’s death happened?

The accident happened about 20 kilometers from Katsina, in a village called Yar Kadir, immediately after the roadblock on the Kaduna-Katsina road in the local government area of ​​Rimi.

The road through the village is full of potholes, so the driver hit one and the rear tire burst. The driver lost control of the vehicle, forcing it into another hole and the front tire of the unfortunate Sharon bus exploded.

My granddaughter and two other passengers died at the scene while injured passengers were evacuated to Rimi General and Orthopedic hospitals. According to the information received, five people lost their lives in this particular accident. May their souls rest in peace and may Jannatul Fiddaus be their final resting place, Ameen.

It is said that your granddaughter wrote a will; what did she write?

She wrote the will on April 17 during Ramadan as she was about to travel to Kaduna for the Sallah holiday. The content of the will is that we give his laptop to his younger brother, Khalifa Muhammad Dalhat; her phone to her younger sister, Zinatu. That money she left with one Abdul should be given to her mother, and another Malam Umar Dahiru Waziri will give her to pass on to Usman Dahiru Waziri.

Did she explain why she wrote the will?

No. We didn’t know she had made a will before her death, when we saw it. It was one of her cousins ​​who lived with her who brought the sheet containing the will. The cousin told us that when she asked her why she was writing, she said she had to leave her alone and mind her own business.

What will you miss about her?

Allah granted him a good character and a very gentle soul. For the past few months she has remained in my house, no one has reported anything that would require my intervention or caution. She had no doubtful character.

His death really saddened the family, but we leave everything in the hands of Allah. All those who came to offer their condolences had a good opinion of her. Where she worked, they also praised her behavior. And she didn’t care about the things of this world. She led a simple life.

I was told that the day she left Kaduna, she went to every room in her father’s house to bid them farewell. His father has four wives.

I would like to take this opportunity to pray for people traveling on the road, as well as to call on the competent authorities to do what is necessary on this road, which has claimed many victims.