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How to send an invoice – Forbes Advisor

Another decision to make is how you want to send your invoices. For some companies the answer to this question is easy, but for others it is not so simple. In fact, in some cases you may want to use a combination of these to ensure your invoice is received.

Here are the three most common ways to send an invoice:

  • Mail. If your customer doesn’t use email or online billing, print your invoice and mail it. It’s a slow process but it’s something you should have considered before starting the project.
  • E-mail. It’s the most popular and fastest way to send an invoice. If you created the invoice in a word processor or design software, convert it to PDF for added security. Mention that you are sending an invoice in the subject line and write a short message in the body.
  • Billing software. There are many invoicing software such as PayPal that you can use to establish your invoice. The advantage of using invoicing software is that there are many templates to choose from and customization is very easy. Customers have easy access to payment links, making it easier for them to pay you.

Most small businesses will find invoicing software to be the best option. Not only are there free, easy-to-use invoicing software solutions to make creating and sending invoices easier, but they also usually include other useful features, such as the ability to schedule invoices, automate reminders payment method and allow you to easily accept payments online.