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Joanna Gaines revealed that writing ‘The Stories We Tell’ felt like her ‘soul was returning’ to her body

While writing his latest book, The stories we tellJoanna Gaines went through a process of rediscovery which she says was like having her “soul come back” into her body.

Read on to learn more about the book and the Magnolia Network star’s writing experience. Plus, find out when readers can find his memoir on bookstore shelves.

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‘The Stories We Tell’ is Joanna Gaines’ first solo memoir

In addition to being an interior design expert and icon, Joanna is a New York Times bestselling author. Over the years, she and her husband Chip Gaines have written several books. But his most recent achievement is The stories we tellhis first solo memoir.

Joanna wrote in a note on the magnolia blog“We all have a story to tell. It just so happens to be mine – each chapter is a window into who I am, the journey I’m on and the season I’m in right now.

“Because it’s my story, maybe you won’t always understand, or maybe you’ll feel like you’re looking at yourself in a mirror,” she added. “No matter what we have in common and no matter how different we are, I just hope my story can help shine a light on the beauty of yours.”

The stories we tell is available for pre-order and will be released on November 8, 2022.

Joanna Gaines felt her ‘soul return’ while writing ‘The Stories We Tell’

In Joanna’s blog post, she opened up about the writing process. The stories we tell. She offered, “The only way to break free was to rewrite my story.”

She added that “something would happen every time” her pen stopped moving.

“It felt like my soul was coming back into my body. Like the deepest parts of me that were knocked down and drowned out by all this bullshit, I let the world convince me of who I was and came back to life. surface. And what was left was only what was real and true,” she described.

The mother-of-five said she felt “hopeful” and “fulfilled” when she finished the book. Eventually she was left “at last, standing in the fullness of [her] story.”

But the writing of her memoirs was not limited to her. She wants the reader to take something out of it and use it to improve their own life in some way. And she shared in this note a hope “that by the time you get to the end of [her] history, you also hold the beautiful beginnings of yours.

Joanna Gaines wrote a co-memoir with Chip Gaines, ‘The Magnolia Story’

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Whereas The stories we tell is Joanna’s first solo memoir, she and Chip previously released a co-memoir titled The magnolia story.

The couple say AOL that they focused on writing the story of their journey, from transforming small homes to overseeing a multi-million dollar business empire. Joanna explained that it was about the “ups and downs” of a couple working together and the “struggle of being small business owners”.

On the other hand, The stories we tell is an “authentic and deeply vulnerable journey into [Joanna’s] story” and, for readers, “an invitation to take stock of the chapters” they have experienced.

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