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Let your writing shine

A writer’s vocabulary is as integral to his work as an artist’s palette and brush.

Well-used depth of language can transcend a story from a work of fiction to a universe inside your mind. The greater the imagination, the more sophisticated the words needed to express it.

So how can we expand our vocabulary? An artist can simply buy new paints and brushes, but words are more complex to acquire. Rather than just reading vocabulary lists or skimming through a thesaurus, the most effective way to build a comprehensive vocabulary is to simply read as much as possible. Language is contextual, so the best way to understand new words is to encounter them in context. The more varied the material the better, different writers will use different styles of language and, as with any skill, the more material the better the learning.

Do you find it difficult to read for long periods of time? We have just the solution for you.

All light is not the same

Our eyes are the product of over 500 million years of evolution under the sun. The problem is that modern life deprives us of this light. We spend 90% of our time indoors under artificial light that may seem similar, but in fact quietly causes us untold damage. It is no coincidence that half of the world’s population is predicted to be nearsighted by 2050, nor that two-thirds of us now report suffering from eyestrain.

Standard LED lights often contain a peak of blue wavelengths which decrease contrast and color rendition. They provide harsh light that can contribute to headaches, eye strain, and sleep deprivation.

A serious light transforms your ability to see details and colors clearly. This means you can lose yourself in a book for longer, keep making music late into the night, or finish a tricky puzzle before it becomes a chore.

Daylight Wavelength Technology™

Better light isn’t just about brightness. It’s a carefully curated combination of spectacular color rendering, high-fidelity light, and a color spectrum that closely reflects natural daylight.

Our Daylight Wavelength Technology™ avoids the harmful disadvantages of conventional LEDs, reducing the peak of blue light and casting a balanced beam that supports your eyes and allows you to concentrate comfortably.

More than 500 independent opticians recommend Serious Lights for the transformational difference they can make to their patients’ eyesight and well-being. A serious light is designed for performance, not just for decoration.

The serious lights

High Definition Our best reading lamp, with revolutionary new LED technology. From £349.99

The HD is our flagship luminaire. Powerful and fully adjustable, it boasts our highest color accuracy rating, achieving a 99/100 on Color Rendering Index.

This means you’ll be able to see every word and image with brilliant clarity, as if you were reading under a pool of pure, natural light.

For those living with eye disease, our HD Light can be very beneficial and has helped many people with AMD, cataracts and glaucoma, due to its daylight quality, adjustable focus and intuitive dimming function.

Alex’s light Our mid-range light, Alex Light, supports your vision with bespoke technology that replicates the composition of natural daylight. From £249.99

Boasting the latest high performance LED technology, the Alex Light supports your eyes and gives them the help they need to read fine print for longer.

Serious lights are designed to focus all of their luminescence onto your page, giving you a strong, focused beam of natural light.

The intuitive dimming feature lets you customize the light to suit your eyes and ambient conditions. The wide beam is perfect for reading materials such as books and newspapers.

The classic light Our original light. Designed specifically for reading small books. From £149.99

The light that started it all. The Classic Light is designed to be less intense than our other ranges, with a deliberately narrow beam focusing directly on your book rather than around the room.

If you don’t have eye problems, mainly read books and are looking for a light with a focused beam, the classic light is ideal.

The perfect bedside reader, the Classic Light supports your eyes and lets you read comfortably for much longer than with regular light thanks to its innovative Daylight Wavelength Technology™.

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Order a High Definition or Alex lamp and receive a free compact lamp with intense, cool white LED light. Enjoy the flexibility of a small but mighty lamp.

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