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Live Essay Writing Course for UPSC CSE – 2023

Recently, the UPSC Essay question paper format has emphasized creative thinking, which compels aspirants to think, analyze, and then articulate rather than just make an assortment of facts. The 250-point UPSC CSE test paper has been a subject of debate due to the unpredictability of recent topics in the 2021/2022 Mains exam.

Difficulties faced by most candidates in writing essays:

  • Decipher the subject of the essay

  • Express opinions lucidly with appropriate examples

  • Lack of in-depth understanding of the issues associated with the topic

  • Unable to make connections between different aspects of the program

  • Procrastination in essay writing

  • Avoid collecting materials/notes which will be useful for writing various topics

To address the above challenges, Prepp IAS is publishing a live essay writing course starting on October 11, 2022, with the aim of helping candidates improve their essay writing skills.

This course is designed by their best instructors to give you better understanding and insight and to inculcate the habit of writing quality essays at the optimal time. The course is spread over 08 weeks and will have lessons every Monday. Each class is scientifically designed to guarantee you a live simulation of the main exam environment.

Who should join this course?

  • This course is beneficial for both beginner and advanced level students

  • Those who cannot start writing an essay due to lack of content or inhibition/fear should take this course.

How will the essay writing course help candidates?

  • This will help the candidates to decode the given topics of the essay and structure it logically.

  • This will help candidates gain real-time experience in writing a wide range of essay topics within the given time frame.

  • This will help candidates deepen their knowledge of current issues and related facts that can be added as background material for essays.

  • It will also help the aspirants to grasp the important content for the essays while reading daily newspapers and magazines.

How will the course be?

Step I – Write within the given time frame

  • Candidate to write 01 essay every Monday.

  • In total, 08 tests (04 static and 04 philosophical) will be practiced during these sessions.

  • The relevant theme and content will be provided in advance, but not the exact topic

  • During the live session, an essay topic will be provided and applicants must complete their essay writing within the given time.

Stage II – Detailed Discussion

  • A detailed discussion about the given essay will be conducted.

  • This will help students to fully understand the concepts and related issues.

  • This will not only enhance the associated knowledge but also improve the structures of the essay.

Stage III – Dispelling Personalized Doubts

  • After the discussion, an individual doubt-removal session will be conducted by the faculty.

  • Candidate can ask any problem they face while writing the essay

  • Get instant feedback

Stage IV – Detailed Copy Assessment

  • A graded copy of the essay will be made available to students within 06 days

  • Essay sheets will be evaluated on parameters such as contextual understanding, content enrichment, structure,

  • Language, introduction, conclusion, word limit, transitions and innovation

  • This will help candidates understand their strengths/weaknesses and how to improve in the next essay writing session

Course details

  • Classes will take place on Zoom.

  • Course start date – October 11, 2022

  • Course duration – 08 weeks

  • Classes will take place on Monday (live on Zoom)

  • Consult the detailed schedule here

  • Sample Essay Session – Click here

Aspirants can refer to the Prepp IAS Live Essay Writing Course Page to learn more about the course. To contact them directly, whatsapp@9289130503

About Prepp IAS

Prepp IAS was launched with the intention of disrupting the traditional method of UPSC coaching. They have a team of young educators who have participated in several interviews in UPSC CSE and are familiar with the requirements of the exam. They believe in exam-oriented study rather than overloading the aspirant with too much knowledge

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