Writing courses

Oyo SUBEB provides writing materials to 1,200 students

The Oyo State Basic Education Board, through the Basic Education for All Service Delivery (BESDA) program, provided personalized writing and teaching materials to 1 200 schools in Oyo State.

According to Dr. Nureni Aderemi Adeniran, Executive Chairman of the Oyo State Universal Basic Education Board, the beneficiaries were chosen from among 21 schools in local government areas that offered BESDA courses.

He announced it in Ibadan on Friday during a token presentation of BESDA-specific workbooks, writing prompts and learning materials.

According to Adeniran, the Oyo State government and its allies will not stop working until the state’s commitment to high quality education is confirmed.

“To acquire adequate knowledge for the improvement of basic education in the State, the World Bank/FGN/Universal Basic Education Commission and OYOSUBEB will not rest on their oars as long as the quality will not be achieved and maintained in the education system, because education remains the only legacy we can bequeath to the younger generations for sustainable development and for them to live useful lives and contribute significantly to the development of the country,” he said.

Adeniran added: “The learning tools, the writing materials are valuable, helping students reflect on the course materials, while encouraging them to grasp, organize and integrate prior knowledge with new concepts.”

He tasked all quality assurance officers and participating schools with ensuring the appropriate use of resources to improve learning outcomes and strengthen the education system.

According to Dr Adeniran, the Council has been persuaded to provide schools with the educational resources needed to increase learning achievement rates.

The BESDA initiative aims to strengthen accountability for basic education while improving literacy.

Representatives of the Association of Primary School Principals of Nigeria (AOPSHON), principals and students from the beneficiary schools were present for the ceremony.