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The Public Writing and Rhetoric (PWR) program gives students extensive hands-on experience in learning to write for audiences beyond academic settings. By working with faculty who research and teach courses in technical writing, podcasting, digital reading practices, collaborative writing, video games, community and public rhetoric, multimodal composition, and experience design user, students of the program become dynamic, rhetorically adaptable writers ready to navigate. a wide range of audiences, genres and platforms. In a rapidly changing employment landscape where employers value flexible, well-developed writing skills, PWR students graduate with in-demand professional skills and the ability to make a difference in the world with their writing.

Fulbright Scholar Uses Knowledge Gained in Courses to Teach in Spain

During her college career, Fulbright Scholar and MTSU alumnus Kelsey Keith took classes with the Public Writing and Rhetoric Faculty, including Dr. Erica Cirillo-McCarthy, Dr. Eric Detweiler, and Dr. Kate Pantelides. She also worked with Dr. Detweiler on his undergraduate thesis project: A Southern Identity Podcast Series. According to Kelsey, the key thing she gained from her writing and rhetoric lessons was “the ability to be a flexible and adaptable worker, whether in my studies or in my work outside of academia. Understanding rhetorical situations and being able to communicate and work through them effectively is invaluable. As a Fulbright English teaching assistant in Spain, Kelsey builds on what she learned in those classes to create a multimedia project about regional pride in Asturias, Spain, and works with students Spaniards. Her undergraduate experiences with rhetoric and writing also prepared her to explore a range of career possibilities in the years to come. As she puts it, “My ability to communicate effectively in a variety of environments and my diverse portfolio of work and skills allow me to stay competitive in any direction I choose to go.”

Imane Malik

Award-winning filmmaker says classes helped ‘hone’ writing and analytical skills

Imaan Malik is an award-winning filmmaker currently pursuing graduate studies. She took classes with Dr. Eric Detweiler and Dr. Kate Pantelides during her undergraduate studies at MTSU. Imaan describes his experiences in these classes as follows: “The practical aspect stood out for me, and it was one of the most interesting subjects I studied throughout college. The combination of learning soft and hard skills has proven useful in my career since graduation. Her professional experiences in the film, audiobook and podcast industries have been supported by her courses, which have helped her learn to “record and edit audio”, “hone [her] writing and analytical skills” and “dissecting in depth a singular concept and developing it”. Once she completes her master’s degree, she plans to work in media production and film development. She writes: “The very first documentary I made was in my cultural rhetoric class. I learned the process of investigating an unfamiliar setting and culture in a respectful way. I learned to listen and properly understand multiple perspectives.

A degree in public and rhetorical writing offers opportunities for success in an ever-changing job market. The emphasis on clear and logical communications prepares students for a wide range of opportunities.

  • Content designer
  • Content strategist
  • Editor
  • copy editor
  • documentation specialist
  • Front-end developer
  • Grant Writer
  • Information Developer
  • medical writer
  • professional writer
  • Publications Specialist
  • Social Media Manager
  • Technical Writer
  • UI Developer
  • User experience designer
  • web content manager

The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Public and Rhetorical Writing comprises a core of four courses focused on the study and production of rhetorically effective written work for a range of public and professional audiences and purposes.

Additional PWR electives allow students to gain additional experience in areas such as digital writing, writing with community partners, cultural rhetoric, and technical writing.

This program is expected to be active for the 2022-2023 school year. Detailed information regarding requirements will be listed when the catalog has been updated.

Our adjunct professors bring exceptional professional experience to our programs. Many are industry leaders with decorated careers and honors. Above all, they are innovative educators who provide hands-on learning for our students to prepare them to enter and thrive in a dynamic and often emerging industrial and professional world. They inspire, instruct and challenge our students to academic and professional success.