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Six Thousand Dollars in Writing Materials Donated to Knox County Classrooms


KNOXVILLE, Tennessee (WVLT) – Some Knox County schools have received additional help with school supplies for the 2021-2022 school year.

The Knoxville Dream Center donated $ 6,000 worth of number 2 pencils and Expo markers.

Inskip Elementary was one of seven top Knox County schools that received the donation.

“It means so much because you know we often have to buy things out of our pocket and somehow for it to be provided it’s just something we don’t have to think about and just know that we are being supported. by the dream center is so huge and it makes us feel appreciated, ”said Amber French, Kindergarten teacher at Inskip.

The donation is part of the Dream Center’s Make a Teacher Smile Campaign.

“And that helps take the pressure off us to get these supplies. And also our parents and our families. Some of them are not able to do it. And to see the relief on their faces when they know we have some of the things we need. It’s just amazing, ”said Jenifer Fraker, fifth grade teacher at Inskip.

Throughout the year, the Dream Center contacts teachers to see what they need to replenish their classes.

“It’s our pleasure to do this. We have such a relationship with these teachers and principals that it’s unreal, ”said John Upthank, the school coordinator for the Knoxville Dream Center.

The other six schools that have received donations are Beaumont Magnet Academy, Fountain City Elementary, Maynard Elementary, Norwood Elementary, Pond Gap Elementary, and West View Elementary School.

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