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Sterling HolyWhiteMountain: Writing with the voices he’s always known | Arts & Theater

After years of attempts and false starts, Sterling HolyWhiteMountain has found a way to write an all-vocal story, specifically the way people talk on the Blackfeet reserve, where he grew up. “These are the voices I know,” he said. “It’s English that makes sense to me on the deepest level, it’s English that I love.” […]

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How to find the best college essay writing service for you and get the most out of it – Yukon News

Being a student in the United States has been increasingly difficult, especially during times of pandemic restrictions. Written assignments reign supreme in distance learning environments, while students normally receive little support due to them on campus. Left to their own devices, many try to find other ways to supplement their course material and lighten the […]

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How Should We Grade UTSC Creative Writing Courses? – University

In 2013, UTSC’s English department launched a minor in Creative Writing. The program — the first creative writing program at the U of T — enrolled 67 students in the 2017-2018 academic year. However, the department has encountered exceptional interest in creative writing courses, all of which require students to be admitted by creative portfolio. […]

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Students learn the art of creative writing with a stellar faculty and new undergraduate degrees

In a 2019 interview, Scott Simon of National Public Radio asked Chanelle Benz G’12 a pointed and timely question about her debut novel, “The Gone Dead,” in which the title character returns to the Mississippi Delta cabin her father owned in the 1970s. There she confronts the mystery of her father’s death and struggles against […]

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Want to learn content writing? Discover these 5 courses

The process of planning, writing, and editing web content is called content writing. This is a broad field that includes everything from writing blog posts or articles to scripting videos and podcasts and preparing content for specific social media platforms. Content writers are responsible for developing written materials for websites and other forms of media. […]

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Free online content writing courses in 2021

Creative writing is probably one of the most in-demand soft skills. In today’s world, quality content is required in various industries such as literature, business promotion, e-commerce, technical websites, digital marketing, etc. Content writing is an on-demand skill for both full-time jobs and outsourcing platforms. People, who have a natural frenzy of writing, can turn […]

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Five creative writing lessons to unleash your creativity

Designed for complete newbies to the world of creative writing, Creative Writing Ink’s Beginner’s Email Course is perfect for starting your budding writing routine, or for inactive scribes returning to the chase. Rather than working through online video streaming or Zoom calls, the course takes place via email, so the course notes, while a little […]

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Creative Writing Diploma, Online Writing Course

Budding authors and storytellers looking for a way to get inspired and spark their imaginations will find the site online. Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and English with a concentration in Fiction Writing to be the perfect balance between craftsmanship and critical analysis. This BA program emphasizes the art of fiction writing and helps […]