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reinventing academic writing — University Affairs

We need to use research to identify and implement the most effective ways to support students’ writing development. BY ANDREA L. WILLIAMS | 03 MARCH 2022 Metaphors shape the way we see and interact with our world. Military metaphors dominate academia: cells attack and invade microbiology, and corporations devise strategies, cut budgets, deploy resources, and […]

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How Should We Grade UTSC Creative Writing Courses? – University

[ad_1] In 2013, UTSC’s English department launched a minor in Creative Writing. The program — the first creative writing program at the U of T — enrolled 67 students in the 2017-2018 academic year. However, the department has encountered exceptional interest in creative writing courses, all of which require students to be admitted by creative […]

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Students learn the art of creative writing with a stellar faculty and new undergraduate degrees

In a 2019 interview, Scott Simon of National Public Radio asked Chanelle Benz G’12 a pointed and timely question about her debut novel, “The Gone Dead,” in which the title character returns to the Mississippi Delta cabin her father owned in the 1970s. There she confronts the mystery of her father’s death and struggles against […]

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The narrative installation “Lost in the Woods” draws on the art and writes the talents of the students

Visitors walk through the ‘Lost in the Woods’ art installation created by students in art and writing classes during the fall semester. A steady stream of students and other visitors toured an immersive interdisciplinary narrative installation, created by SUNY Fredonia students enrolled in writing and art classes, at The Art Market, a Main Street showcase […]

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Writing to belong can encourage retention

Colleges and universities are devoting resources to student retention efforts, sometimes with little gain. These efforts will be further challenged by the social, educational and economic effects of COVID-19. A new paper in Scientists progress does not claim to solve the puzzle of school perseverance. But he offers a relatively simple and proven suggestion: Get […]