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reinventing academic writing — University Affairs

We need to use research to identify and implement the most effective ways to support students’ writing development. BY ANDREA L. WILLIAMS | 03 MARCH 2022 Metaphors shape the way we see and interact with our world. Military metaphors dominate academia: cells attack and invade microbiology, and corporations devise strategies, cut budgets, deploy resources, and […]

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How Should We Grade UTSC Creative Writing Courses? – University

[ad_1] In 2013, UTSC’s English department launched a minor in Creative Writing. The program — the first creative writing program at the U of T — enrolled 67 students in the 2017-2018 academic year. However, the department has encountered exceptional interest in creative writing courses, all of which require students to be admitted by creative […]

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Want to learn content writing? Discover these 5 courses

The process of planning, writing, and editing web content is called content writing. This is a broad field that includes everything from writing blog posts or articles to scripting videos and podcasts and preparing content for specific social media platforms. Content writers are responsible for developing written materials for websites and other forms of media. […]

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Free online content writing courses in 2021

[ad_1] Creative writing is probably one of the most in-demand soft skills. In today’s world, quality content is required in various industries such as literature, business promotion, e-commerce, technical websites, digital marketing, etc. Content writing is an on-demand skill for both full-time jobs and outsourcing platforms. People, who have a natural frenzy of writing, can […]

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5 Cutting-Edge Online Technical Writing Courses: The Tribune India

[ad_1] Technological advances have trapped mankind all over the world. As a result, man interferes with technology in all aspects of life. But regardless of the understanding, getting used to these technological processes is not everyone’s cup of tea. So we need professional technical writers to transfigure the message into secular language; thus increasing the […]

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Writing to belong can encourage retention

Colleges and universities are devoting resources to student retention efforts, sometimes with little gain. These efforts will be further challenged by the social, educational and economic effects of COVID-19. A new paper in Scientists progress does not claim to solve the puzzle of school perseverance. But he offers a relatively simple and proven suggestion: Get […]

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This course allows students to vandalize, experiment and learn unconventional writing styles

[ad_1] Professor Kenneth Goldsmith teaches ENGL 111, “Writing Off the Page”, at Penn. (Photo by Kenneth Goldsmith) Michael Greenstein Junior College graffiti “Welcome to Penn State” in blue chalk spray paint across campus as part of a class assignment last week for ENGL 111, “Writing Off the Page”. The course explores the limits of writing […]

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A & M-Texarkana Sets Up Grant Writing Courses | Texarkana today

[ad_1] Dr Dayna Goldstein, Assistant English Teacher at A & M-Texarkana and instructor for both courses. Advertising Texas A&M University-Texarkana Extended Education and Community Development will offer two grant writing courses this summer to provide individuals and nonprofits with information on best practices for research and grant proposal writing. Introduction to Grants, a four-session seminar, […]

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8 Free Content Marketing and Copywriting Courses

Whether or not you’ve attempted to write content for the web, it’s safe to say that in most situations, a little training is required. Writing content online certainly sounds easy enough, but there are actually many different types of content being published, all with different marketing needs. You have to think about more than the […]