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English teachers said to focus on grammar and punctuation as writing declines

The emphasis on reading skills is also intended to foster the enjoyment of reading. Peter Knapp, an expert in teaching writing, said the sharing of responsibility for teaching writing between different subjects was introduced 30 years ago and has never been properly enacted. Science didn’t think about teaching sentence structure, and English didn’t think about […]

Writing styles

A shared style of writing

From Jane Austen to James Patterson, each author has their own way of writing. And this writing is often discussed in terms of “style”. Essentially, style refers to “how” something is written – it is more about form than content. So when, for example, someone remarks that they “liked the story” but “didn’t like the […]

Writing styles

Local Writer and Teacher Brings ‘A Center for Humboldt Writing’ to Arcata’s Sunny Brae Center | Lost Coast Outpost

Quarles in front of the soon-to-open Unbound Writing Center in Sunny Brae | Photo: Stephanie McGeary With poetry plastered on public walls and displayed in storefronts across Arcata, numerous local writing contests, and an award-winning Poet Laureate from the city of Eureka, it’s clear that Humboldt has a strong community of writers (oh […]

Writing styles

How to inspect your own writing

Recently, someone asked us: “Can you please tell me who is the most authority where is the most respected Resource about writing rules? There are several excellent sources on writing rules. However, the rules are different for different fields, such as business, technology, government or academic in writing. Strunk & White Full-time writers often turn […]

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Connecting Reading to Writing – Language Magazine

Every semester, as I prepare for my classes, I ponder the same questions: Why does our academic English as a Second Language (ESL) program require so many reading and writing lessons before students can enter transfer level English course? As teachers of reading, why are we forced to choose from textbooks that often seem to […]

Writing styles

History of writing styles: from pictures to sentences

[ad_1] Reading and writing styles have matured a lot throughout history. In today’s modern world, we create in different formats. For example, some people express their passions by writing a journal (like me). Others share via audio formats such as video recording. Whatever their writing preference, people like to settle for hours with their favorite […]

Writing styles

Confucius Institute Launches Book Examining Writing Styles in Singapore and China, Parenting & Education News & Top Stories

[ad_1] SINGAPORE – When using the Chinese language, Singaporeans tend to add a hint of English expressions or a hint of dialect in their correspondence with Chinese businessmen or officials, which can make their handwriting difficult to understand. . To address these challenges and more, a book on Applied Writing in Chinese that compares writing […]