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The Norfolk Pastor’s 41 Books, and Still Writing

Baptist minister and author Patrick Coghlan has written over 40 books and is happy to speak to churches and groups about his experiences.

Reverend Coghlan is a minister at Worstead Baptist Church in Meeting Hill, a counselor at the Aylsham Care Trust (ACT), and is also a prolific Christian author having completed and published 41 books, after twenty-one years of writing.

Patrick says, “People might be surprised at the wide range of different Christian resources and novels covering all age groups. What I have written varies widely, including group Bible studies; Lenten and Advent courses in groups and families; instructional books for congregations/Sunday school; many different resources and individual studies; materials for and about dementia, disability, old age and poor mental health; healing resources; prayer resources; and novels.

His writing career began with a book on informal prayer – At any time: discuss with God – published by Moorleys in 2001. Soon after he had an educational resource for children’Stories to read aloud‘ – based on the retelling of Bible stories – published by Barnabas. This was translated into Ukrainian by the Bible Society – and 10,000 copies were distributed throughout Ukraine as a result.

Patrick had always enjoyed creative writing in school; and wanted to write a book. He never envisioned that, many years later, he would write more than 40. A few of them are now out of print, but he has all new copies available for purchase.

“I guess I’ll never make a fortune writing books,” he explained. ‘The reason I write is to share my faith with others; and to help inform, encourage and equip them in their daily walk with God. My goal is to make my resources accessible, user-friendly and generally “off-page” – I try to meet people where they are, in a way that is understandable, relevant and engaging. And to encourage a positive response to Scripture.

In an attempt to achieve his goal, Patrick seeks opportunities to speak about his faith and his writings at events and churches in Norwich and Norfolk; and take a selection of his books to sell.

As a keen rider and qualified instructor, Patrick has also written a selection of horse-themed novels, including ‘crazy about horses‘, which came out earlier this year (published by Instant Apostle). Some of her books openly reveal her own struggles with being bullied in school and living with depression and anxiety later on. He is always very open about prayer – and most of his books are filled with prayer resources. He currently has two other completed manuscripts awaiting publishers, and would like to do something based on Peter’s letters; and maybe another novel.

Paperbacks published by Patrick are:

Group Bible studies: Friday night bible study (based on the book of Nehemiah), Loved unconditionally (based on the book of Ruth), Garden meditations (based on the story of Adam and Eve), Meditations on a boat (based on the story of Noah), Travel meditations (based on the story of Abraham), Meditations in captivity (based on the story of Joseph), Meditations in the desert (based on the story of Moses), Meditations in the body (based on Jesus’ life on earth)

Lent course: Roger’s Diary (based on Jonah’s story), A letter for Lent (based on Colossians and Philemon)

Prayer Resources: Anytime – chat with God (informal prayer), Prayer 4 2 days (A personal/group study based on the theme of prayer)

Novels: Rose Cottage, Storm, Decibels at Dell Farm, Thelma Wheelbarrow, Horse Mad (for young adults, watch faith, prayer, deal with bullies, etc.)

Sunday School/Congregation/Teaching Resources: Bible stories to read aloud, letters pray (An alphabet of biblical themes), stories to play (Poems and sketches based on Bible stories), The narrator (A Bible story to read or tell in your own words)

Personal resources on spirituality: A glass of homemade lemonade (for those over 50, according to the book of James and the Sermon on the Mount), On the way to God (for young adults), The scent of Jesus (based on some of Jesus’ miracles), The destination is in sight (based on the writings of John), Just as you are (based on the parables of Jesus from the Gospel of Luke), Experiencing God in unexpected places (A new look at the Beatitudes, and a journey of prayer), Rooted in God (15 Psalms, 15 Bible promises, 15 meditations, 15 passages on the teaching of Jesus and a selection of prayers for different occasions.)

Family resources: Advent fun for the whole family (The Christmas story in the modern world – with activities), After the pancakes (A daily family Lent class)

Resources for seniors or those living with a disability or illness: Four “Create the Church at home” books – For older people with dementia, For older people who are homebound, For people with anxiety or depression, For people who are homebound due to disability or illness; Always appreciated and blessed (An Inspirational Study of Older People in the Bible Who Served God), Never Too Old (1 & 2) (A Bible study on brokenness, with other resources for ministry to the elderly), Hugs from above (Resources for people entering retirement and later in life), Where is God in depression? (Encouragement for those struggling with depression and anxiety)

Daily Bible Readings:

A thank you journal (31 Days of Thanksgiving), Break for God (366 daily moments with God; involving scripture reading, prayer, mindfulness, and journaling)

For more details, to place an order or to invite Patrick to your event, please email: [email protected]

The image above shows Patrick Coghlan at a recent book signing.

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Tony Rothe, 05/08/2022