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The writing event returns on April 30 – La Tribune

The Dogwood Conference will be held in Ashland, Kentucky

The Dogwood Writing Conference returns this year, featuring authors from the tri-state area, a marketing session, and a panel of critics.

“This conference is a great place for new writers or those interested in writing fiction to learn more,” said Cathie Shaffer, President of KYOWA Writers. “The Dogwood is deliberately scaled down so no one feels intimidated and everyone has a chance to chat in a friendly atmosphere.”

This year’s conference will take place on Saturday, April 30 at the Holiday Inn Express near Ashland. The registration fee is $50, which includes lunch.

“We’ve seen a number of people who attended a Dogwood conference become published authors,” Shaffer said. “It’s a great place to learn about the company and hone your skills.”

The Dogwood Writing Conference began in 1999 as a way for local authors to attend a writing conference without the expense of traveling to a major city. It offers a combination of education and networking.

Leading this year’s session are authors SG Redling and Tobi Doyle, both of Huntington, West Virginia.

Redling, a graduate of Georgetown University, spent fifteen years waking up the good people of the Tri-State on the morning radio show WKEE-FM. She recently put her headphones back on for the last time and is focusing on thrillers, mysteries and urban fantasy.

She is the author of more than half a dozen novels, including the best-selling thrillers “Flowertown” and “The Widow File.” A former morning radio host and avid traveler, Redling is also a language enthusiast, a wine enthusiast and an average gardener. She currently lives in her home state of West Virginia with a wide range of wildlife.

Doyle calls herself an “author, narrator, workshop leader, and sarcasm maker,” writing under two pseudonyms. Tobi Doyle writes fun and raunchy romantic suspense, contemporary romance and flirty bits. T. Doyle writes happy mystery novels.

Award-winning photographer Mark Shaffer, a reporter for the Ironton Tribune, will host a session on photography for freelancers. A session on marketing and marketing materials will feature Dave Lucas and Pam Hall.

The conference marks the return of the ever-popular Critics’ Panel.

Entrants can bring the first two pages of their work to be read aloud by a narrator and instantly critiqued by the panel of authors and editors.

Payment can be made at the door; credit cards and checks will be accepted. Reservations are not required, but can be made by emailing [email protected]