Writing business

Vanden student finds an outlet in writing

By Suzanne Bruce, Special for the Daily Republic

Anne Lamont, a Californian writer whose wisdom is read around the world, wrote poetry as a high school student. She was once surprised with a prize for a poem submitted to a California contest. She says, “You have to start somewhere. Start by putting something – anything – on paper.

My goal with this column is to promote writing among young people in our city, to let them know that what they say matters. Writing is about enjoying the process as well as the result.

Today’s poem by Vanden High School senior Evalyn Hoffman illustrates how writing can allow expressions to flow and be free.

Evalyn is the president of the A4L club, part of Link Crew, and a current student leader in her business class. She is also responsible for creating the quiet room for students with special needs in Vanden. She loves helping people and sometimes just needs to vent, so she turns to writing.

This poem, along with several other student poems, are mounted and hung at The Coffee Bar, 740 Texas St., in downtown Fairfield. Please visit there, have a wonderful drink and enjoy student poetry.

His mind

It’s contrary to his radiant spirit
That shines in space like a beaded star
Who touches softly and freely
His exchanges of mercy and peace

When with his last breath and evening light
Forgotten in the darkness and the tearful silence
Frantically searches for the lost traveler of thought

Blaspheme the Fountain of False Hope
Unproductive for man’s heightened imagination
Eternal ideas his mind shows
Leading lost souls from its painful woes

— Evalyn Hoffman

Poems should be sent to Suzanne Bruce at [email protected] before the 15th of the month preceding publication. Please include a short introduction about yourself, such as if you are a student, where and why you like to write poetry.