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Writing an APA Document: A Complete Formatting Guide

Globalization is completely affecting the research environment around the world. This trend has many advantages and offers great potential. For example, everyone can show their progress to everyone and publish scientific and research articles in publications around the world. But you have to follow strict requirements, so your audience will find your materials valuable. You can use different styles of academic papers or seek help from a APA paper writer to meet teacher expectations. Let’s find out how to prepare an APA assignment.

Features and Benefits of APA Formatting

APA style is a popular form of scientific writing used to construct citations from references in psychology, pedagogy, and sociology. The foundations of the APA writing style were laid in 1929. Around this time, a seven-page writer’s guide was published in one of the peer-reviewed academic journals. In recent years, the American Psychological Association has developed seven editions of its style guide.

The common feature of APA papers is a large number of citations and a detailed presentation of the research material. Thus, you should place around 2-3 sources on each page. As for the list of sources used, professors can request the addition of tens or even hundreds of sources (for certain academic works). Therefore, you must properly write your academic documents for college and university.

The following principles are crucial to APA formatting:

  • Each author must put references in the text in all cases of source citation (paraphrase, direct quotation or block quotation).
  • You should note each source citation item in a specific section.
  • Likewise, in your papers, you should mention each position in your list of used books or items.
  • In-text references and a particular reference list should be used in a single scholarly article.

To mention the source inside the paperwork, you need to specify only two things – the writer’s last name and the year of release. Add a page number, chapter, or section index to provide more specific details about the publication (for example, to quote or paraphrase cases and summarize certain facts from the source). In some cases, it is sufficient to provide the standard set of details.

Also, education experts advise using minimal punctuation, so you may not find slashes and semicolons in APA assignments.

Specificities for the preparation of an APA document

The latest seventh version of the writer’s guide states that each academic paper must meet the next requirements that may be requested by your tutor.

  • The writer should use A4 paper with a 1″ margin on each side of the sheet.
  • You must get a page number in a header part, including the title page.
  • The main text must be written in one of the required serif fonts (for example, Georgia 11 point or Times New Roman 12 point). The final choice depends on the teacher’s request.
  • Left alignment with a jagged right field.
  • Double spacing is essential.
  • Indentation of first lines in sections and footnotes is required (with a 1 inch indent in all cases).
  • All punctuation marks should be separated from the rest of the text by adding a space.
  • Each sentence should be short and concise (preferably in an active voice).
  • No pretension or verbosity.
  • No prejudice.

APA academic formatting includes many technical details that you must follow to get the best grade for your assignment.

The list of sources used

You must complete your documents with such a section where you must mention all the sources you used for an assignment. Ideally, every college and university student should add all relevant books, articles, and other materials regarding the subject. Also, don’t forget to set a reference for each element.

Let’s review the general requirements for composing this section:

  • APA formatting requires the addition of a centered title without inverted commas;
  • The page number is not mandatory for the list of sources used;
  • You must add a double space between list items;
  • The writer’s guide does not require separating different types of references: archival documents, books, journal articles, brochures, internet docs, etc. All are located in alphabetical order;
  • The bibliographic description must contain all the details necessary to find each source mentioned;
  • Use one format to create all bibliographic descriptions;
  • Each bibliographic description is left-aligned. If it occupies more than one line, all subsequent lines must be aligned with an indent of 1.25 cm.

For instance:

The basics of education for sustainable development. (2018). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.


We have provided all the necessary information about the APA format. You can find many examples of APA publications for free on the Internet. If a design rule isn’t entirely clear, find similar work and use similar formatting (of course, you need to make sure the website is sufficiently protected against malware and viruses).

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